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If your home has an immersion heater then we can help when it needs a repair.


We have over 10 years at the head of the plumbing trade and have encountered all kinds of heaters so are certain to be able to carry out a successful repair on yours, regardless of the make or model.

Does your boiler require an emergency repair or even replacing?


Marc Scannell Plumbing Services can handle all of your boiler and immersion heater repairs quickly, professionally and safely, getting your home and workplace back to its best in no time.

Put your boiler repair in our hands

The immersion heater specialists

•     Unresponsive boilers

•     One-off repairs

•     On-going maintenance and repair work

•     Complete replacements

•     Domestic and commercial repairs

•     Repairs for all kinds of boiler and

      immersion heater

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No problem. Simply call either 0117 904 1028 or 07968 870 446 and we will be delighted to answer your questions and relay any information you need.

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